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List Lookup Not Able to Find Referenced Site Collection


    I am in the process of recreating a few forms in Nintex for O365 and am running into an issue. We have multiple SharePoint lists that sit on a separate site collection that will be referenced in multiple forms. However, when I go to use the "List Lookup" control in Nintex, I receive the error "Loading the available lists failed. Please check the URL you have provided is a valid URL within the current site collection." To begin I used a relative link as I did in Nintex On-Premise, but to no avail. Our SharePoint lists that are reference site at a location similar to this: In the "Source SharePoint site" field I've tried the following URL's with no luck: /sites/NintexTables, sites/NintexTables,, and What am I missing? Is there a setting I need to enable to allow these two site collections to "talk" to one another? Any help is welcome!

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Nintex Employee
Nintex Employee

Re: List Lookup Not Able to Find Referenced Site Collection

The List Lookup control is restricted to the sites that appear when clicking the browse button.
You will find that only sites/lists within the same site colletion will appear.
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