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Internal email action firing 'successfully' with 'To' field missing

Hi there,

I am having an ongoing issue with emails actions in several of my workflows.
The 'To:' field is passed a variable while the 'CC:' is passed a static address. The problem is that the CCed person is the only one receiving these emails. The 'To:' address on these emails is blank, suggesting that the workflow is not actually adding the variable, however the workflow completes successfully without any errors occurring.

While troubleshooting I discovered a temporary workaround where storing the email in a workflow variable then referencing it corrected the issue, however users reported that this never worked for them, and lo and behold it was no longer working when I retested.

Variable passed to 'To' field above.

Email received has 'CC' correctly set, however 'To' field is completely blank. User did not receive an email.

Workflow completed successfully. A history log action (immediately before email) prints out the email address as expected, however the email action never registers this string.

The admin who manages the Email Gateway has reported that these emails do not have a 'To' subject when they hit the gateway, which again leads me to believe the Nintex workflow is not adding it.

The current workaround that I am using is swapping the action to External email rather than internal. For some reason this correctly adds the 'To' address, but I am not confident that this will continue working given the previous workaround.

My main concern is why is this string missing in emails? What further troubleshooting can I do when the workflow completes without errors?

Any assistance would be appreciated.

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