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How to clear a lookup field if being hidden in the runtime

I have this scenario, I want the user to chose from a cascade lookup list as follows:
Select the Language :
After selecting the language another drop down appears with list of books for the respective language:

Select the book:
List 1
Book 1 En
Book 2 En
Book 3 En

List 2
Book 1 SE
Book 2 SE
Book 3 SE

List 3
Book 1 No
Book 2 No
Book 3 No
The 3 above lists are hidden by rules until the respective language is selected

The problem is after choosing for exampel English - then book 1En, if the user changes his mind and choses Swedish instead, the value of the look up in the book list 1is not cleared, and submits a wrong value in the list.
Any idea about clearing the lookup field in the run time if it is being hidden. I am using Nintex forms for Sharepoint online.

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