Nintex workflow access denied


I have a workflow and it gives an error when it reaches the last step of sending and email. Prevoius steps the emails are sent without any issue.

In the last step email i have a shared mail box in the To address. User in the organisation started the workflow and when it comes to this last step it gives and error (attached).

can anyone help on this? 

I have given pemissions as contribute to the list and workflow history, and workflow tasks. 


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Re: Nintex workflow access denied

The issue here is that the workflow executing as the user cannot send an email to the shared mailbox.


To troubleshoot this, I would ask to try emailing the shared mailbox from an email client to see if that works. It does seem like there is a permissions issue and the user doesn't have access to actual connect with that mailbox. If that was the only change you made, then I would look into exchange or AD to figure out what may be needed from there. The workflow is working as it should because its attempting to access it and failing for permissions. 



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