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Mail to users in additional lookup field


I'm trying to create a workflow, that will send an email to a - by the user configurable - lists of users, whenever a new item is created or an existing one is updated.

So bascially the workflow starts on item create and item update, and the only thing it does is send a mail.

No issue there.

What I have in our SharePoint online environment are 2 lists.

Distribution Lists - List that contains the "by the user configurable" distribution lists.

The distribution lists is a custom list, which has a custom content type, inherited from the basic Item content type. I called the content type Distribution List.

The Distrbution List content type has 2 fields. The default Title (single line of text), and a people picker (multi user) which I named Users.

So for example there's an item with:

Title = "HR"

Users= ";"

Projects - List that contains the items on which the workflow will run.

Has the fields needed to identify the projects.

Has a lookup field, called Distribute To, which is a lookup to the Distribution Lists list, see screenshot for more details.

So with SharePoint set up, I started on my workflow, which is really simple.

Start -> Send Email -> End.

In the To field of the send email activity, i'm using the advanced lookup to indicate that the mail should be sent to all Users for the item linked to the project. Also see screenshot for more info.

However, this is not working.

The Users are not read from the lookup list, and the mail is not being send.

I think the problem is that the Value from the Distribute To field, does not contain a valid ID.When I change the condition to When "ID" Equals "1" (hard coded ID of an item in the Distribution Lists list lookup), it is working, but then off course it's hard coded and unusable. The users should be able to select there distribution list for each project item them self.

I also created a ticket on this, the "answer" that I got was: "This works as designed and we don't help you with designing a workflow..."

I argued that it does not work as it should, but it was my word against theirs.

After the 3rd reply "it works as designed", I gave up...

I'm hoping somebody here can help me ?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Mail to users in additional lookup field

Have you solved that problem?

Are the users external or internal?

How is the field where you keep users' emails formatted? Are emails semicolon separated? Are there white spaces between?

Hope to have your follow up on the issue