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Jquery return values for unchecked Radio button without set Default values

Hello, I am creating a form with adding radio button for define the "Gender". Set choices Male and Female. Not set any default value.

The requirement is, when open a NINTEX in the EDIT mode the field already filled in must be read only. I am using JavaScript with this requirement.

I will notice that if save the data without set value to Gender and when it is open in edit mode and its automatically assign First Choice (Male) as a result.

That results not display on option button and I got output value using JavaScript. 

this is my code

if(NWF$('#'+rdGender).find('input').val() != '')


   var genderValue = NWF$('#'+rdGender).find('input').val();


   console.log("Gender not a null value");

   NWF$('#'+rdGender).find(':radio:not(:checked)').attr('disabled', true);


I'm having trouble getting correct value with  Radio Button. What am I doing wrong?



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