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Semantic error(s) found

I am developing a NWC workflow with a Start Form. The form contains some typical controls: several Labels and Spacers, one Data Lookup, several Choi...

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Adding user accounts to NWC using RPA

Hi All, I am trying to create a Nintex RPA botflow to add user accounts to NWC. I found this post https://community.nintex. com/t5/Blog/Nint...

  • By Meena
  • September 17, 2021  07:05
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Simple Document Workflow in Nintex Cloud

Hi All I'm experimenting (Nintex Workflow Cloud) and wanted to create a simple workflow Step 1 (Initiate Form) : Upload a document and choos...

  • By chriso97
  • September 15, 2021  17:19
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Repeating Section Data from Cloud form and storing...

HELP! We have built a form on Nintex cloud that includes repeating sections. This form is to connect to an already existing form within SharePo...

  • By TreV
  • September 15, 2021  13:00
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Reordering branches in a Branch by Stage action

Doesn't look like we can reorder the branches in a branch by stage action in NWC. From a visual logic flow point of view this would be fantasti...

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Form Data source variable for Azure AD only return...

Hi @butlerj First piece of feedback on the data source variable in the NWC form. I created an Azure AD data source to use in a label. I'm t...

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NWC Environment Issues

There are some newly features of NWC that are been implemented easily, and without stress during the webinar training that I can't find in my environ...

  • By Haywhy21
  • September 13, 2021  06:23
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Escalate task at a specific day per month

I am working on a workflow in Nintex Workflow Cloud and the users need to submit some data and let it approve by the manager. The approval has to be ...

  • By mark3
  • September 06, 2021  22:44
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Task Responder blank for Assign a Task to Multiple...

I'm using the Assign a task to multiple users with a semicolon seperated list of email addresses for the assignees. It is configured as a form task...

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Generate a Document - Formatting tags

Is there a way to format the Yes/No tag so that it is displaying "Yes" or a tick... or a ticked yes box instead of 'true'.

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SFDC Data into Excel on SP workflow

We currently have a large extensive onboarding tracker that is an excel spreadsheet that lives on our SharePoint Online site. Our onboarding team use...

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User context variable not populating

I have implemented a form with some text fields that i want to populate with the current users information. I have inserted context->current user-...

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