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Finding a row on screen dynamically

I been stuck trying to find a way to click on the row using a variable. 

My Variable contains LC-0031. I want to be able to pick this row with BOTflow


This is not a table.

when I try to getvalue of where I clicked it is blank.

I have tried the list and I have tried to get specific cells.

This is a window program.


when I try to OCR the image : 

ED Item # -"- Code
0 : LCS
® 3 LCS
Code Description Loss Control Servicing Loss Control Servicing Loss Control Servicing Loss Control Servicing
Contract Number Type
2018BRAWLEY-01 Flat
2019 BRAWLEY Hourly
Hours Worked Total
36.00 $35,636.50 30.50 57,940.06


Is there any hope?

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Re: Finding a row on screen dynamically

Hi @jbolanoswga,


There may still be hope left. I find whenever I can't target something with the mouse, I can often get to it with the keyboard. 


It might be possible to send a value of [^Tab] to tab through your list, then send [^Ctrl+C] to copy the row contents into your clipboard. Then you can then check if the clipboard value contains your variable, and if it does send [^Enter].


One thing to note, when sending these clipboard commands, target the entire application (I often target the bar at the top of the window) and make sure the keystroke mode is set to none.




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Re: Finding a row on screen dynamically

I had a similar issue when using Excel and had tried targeting the row count with OCR but ran into issues of getting the target to save to the variable correctly. The size of the files would vary so then my targeting of the count would be off, even if I did the "Right of" Count for the formula.  I then found the "Get List Info" and "Row Count".  I then used the "Row Count" within the "Send Value" action for a specific cell or column to fill data back into the spreadsheet and it would change dynamically based on how many rows are filled in. 


The nice thing is that it doesn't matter if there are empty rows in between the ones that are filled in, it will grab the total number for the row count (it doesn't cut off at the first empty row).  


With your scenario it sounds like you're trying to Get Data from a specific cell.  Under Tools, try the  "UIA Targeting Override", see if that allows you to target what you want.  You'll have a message that pops up but you can click OK to allow the override - you'll see a dot that appears next to your targetted (showing that you have it turned on).  If that works you can do your action and then turn off the UIA when you don't need it anymore.


Hope that helps!

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