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Workflow Hero

Workflow Analyzer - Stable

Products: Nintex Workflow 2007, Nintex Workflow 2010, Nintex Workflow 2013

The Workflow Analyzer is a project that has been worked on internally for quite a while. We find it quite useful and think you will as well. This tool will allow you to view workflows outside of a SharePoint environment as well as a few other tricks.

Click to download the latest version here.


  • Updated Version BPA definition to reflect current versions of Nintex Workflow.
  • Added Framework for Nintex Forms.
  • Added Support for Nintex Forms.
  • Added more information to action configurations in Graphical view (should show all properties now).


Planned Features

  • SDK
  • Office 365 Support
  • Workflow Migration Tools
  • SharePoint Connector for exporting/importing/publishing
  • BPA issue pinpointing.


Self updating Installer (Recommended) Note: Use internet explorer for installation as other browsers tend to have issues with ClickOnce.

StandAlone Installer for

CodePlex Project Site

Screen Shots

Workflow Analyzer 0.png

Workflow Analyzer 9.png

Workflow Analyzer 1.png

Workflow Analyzer 2.pngWorkflow Analyzer 3.pngWorkflow Analyzer 4.png

Workflow Analyzer 5.png

Workflow Analyzer 6.png

Workflow Analyzer 7.png

Workflow Analyzer 8.png

2 Replies
Workflow Hero

Re: Workflow Analyzer - Stable

Hi Aaron,

Any progress with a '365 version of this?


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Workflow Hero

Re: Workflow Analyzer - Stable

Hey Gerard,

I have not yet had time to get started on adding support for O365. I do still have plans to implement this however!

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