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Migrating Nintex Workflow FAQs

What information do I need to give Nintex to receive license keys?

Please fill out the Migration Licensing Form with your Production and Development Server names and send to the Nintex contracts team at Please include the expected duration for the migration.

Can I use a trial to migrate?

Yes – but only if your migration will be completed within 30 days. If you choose this option you will still need to inform the Nintex Contracts Team once your migration is complete so they can send the non-expiring license keys for your new environment and switch your support contract to the upgraded version.

Please note: If you are running Workflow Workgroup Edition or Standard Edition a trial key will offer additional functionality that you will not see in your purchased Edition of the product.

Can I migrate directly from Nintex Workflow 2007 to Nintex Workflow 2013?

No, migrating directly from Nintex Workflow 2007 to Nintex Workflow 2013 is not supported. As with SharePoint, you need to migrate your Nintex databases from 2007 to 2010, upgrade and test them, and then from 2010 to 2013 again upgrading and testing them. The Nintex documentation about migration can be found below.

Upgrading Nintex Workflow 2007 to 2010

Upgrading Nintex Workflow 2010 to 2013

For more information around upgrading from 2007 to 2013, see Upgrading from Nintex Workflow 2007 to 2013

How many licenses will I receive for my migration from Nintex Workflow 2007 to Nintex Workflow 2013?

That depends on how many environments you are running but usually you would receive 3 temporary license keys. You must first upgrade to SharePoint 2010 so will need one for a development Nintex Workflow 2010 environment, one for a production Nintex Workflow 2013 environment and one for a development Nintex Workflow 2013 environment. If you are not using a development Nintex Workflow 2013 environment you will not receive a license for this.

Why have I received an expiring license for my new production environment?

Nintex provide temporary license keys because you will need to run multiple versions of our software at the same time. We will provide you with non-expiring licenses once you have informed us that your migration is complete.

I am an active Software Assurance customer, what licenses can I get?

All active Software Assurance customers are entitled to version migrations (e.g. Nintex Workflow 2010 to Nintex Workflow 2013). Version migrations include Development licenses at no additional cost as long as the Software Assurance contract remains valid throughout the migration. Once the new version environment is complete on the development server a 15 day temporary production license will be issued to complete the migration process. All migrations requesting to run parellel production environments will be required to purchase additional production licenses.

My migration is going to take longer than 12 months - how much extra Software Assurance and Premium Support do I have to buy?

We will calculate the Support subscription cost based on your current fees, the number of migration licenses issued, and the period covered by the temporary migration license keys.

How many years of additional coverage can I purchase?

Please discuss your needs with Nintex Sales Operations. We would be surprised if more than two to three years was required.

Considering that we are talking of only Non- Production licenses being extended past 12 months do we still have to pay for additional Software Assurance?

Yes. While unlimited non-production licenses are available under Premium Support, this applies only to non-production servers running the version you are currently licensed for. The additional charge is to cover the additional effort in providing support for multiple versions at once.

What if I do not start my migration straight after receiving my temporary keys, will this be taken into consideration and affect my 12 months of migration time?

Please ensure that you request the keys to be generated when you are ready to begin migration as the 12 month period starts from the date the keys are requested.

We decided not to migrate even though we asked for license keys - we're still running our original version. Can I still upgrade at a later date?

In special circumstances we may agree to rescind the migration period. You would need to provide a declaration and evidence of non-use, and we would not provide any support on issues related to the upgrade version.

What happens to our support contract once I complete the migration?

Nintex will cancel your current contract and create a new one for the version you are running now. Contract dates and levels of support will remain the same so when it comes to renewal time you will receive a quotation for the new version.

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