Re-install the K2 for SharePoint App


These instructions will detail how to remove the K2 for SharePoint App and re-install the app back to SharePoint.


The primary purpose for these steps is to resolve this error:


"Your K2 server is running a newer version. Update the app and then run the Registration Wizard."


Please note that this process will not remove any of your K2 solutions. These are stored in the K2 database and they will return after the sites are activated again.


1) Follow the last two steps here under 'Manage the App' to remove the K2 for SharePoint App.
  • This will 'uninstall the app' and 'remove the app from the SharePoint environment'.
  • These should be the same instructions for K2 On-Prem or K2 Cloud.


2) Remove the K2 app from the SharePoint Recycle Bin AND Secondary Recycle Bin in the App Catalog.
  • This step is important. The old version of the K2 app need to be completely removed from SharePoint to prevent any cached data presenting the wrong version.
3) Make a copy of the C:\Program Files\K2\Setup folder from the machine where K2 is installed. Bring this folder to the SharePoint server and run AppDeployment.exe. This should pull the correct version of the K2 app and deploy it to SharePoint.
4) Once the K2 app is back on SharePoint, run 'Manage App Activation' to re-activate the K2 App on all of the sites in the collection. 

Additional Information

If you encounter any issues during this process, please reach out to K2 Support at Nintex

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