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Define Creation or Deletion of Contacts


A request is received to delete/ disable access on a contact as they have either left the company or have been replaced by a new user.


For a new user:
If a Nintex Support ticket arrives, with a request to add a new user, check if Support has received the email address on the case. If not, request this from the customer.
  • Copy the email address and register the new user under the company with their full name and role type. 
  • Once saved, ensure that the 'Contact Status' is set to 'Active'.
  • Tick the 'CC Basic Access' box so they have access to the Customer Central Portal.

If the email address is already on Salesforce as a Lead, then correct the company account and convert the lead to a legitimate contact.
If the email address is already on Salesforce and the customer is in the Skilljar or Lithium account, correct the account and save it.

To disable the old user: 
  • Locate their Registered Account record by their email address. This will pull up any duplicates also. 
  • Click 'Edit', change the 'Contact Status' to 'Inactive' and save. 

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