We Got Your Feedback On Our Product Feedback Process

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Since the launch of our Nintex Product Feedback Site a few years back, you—our amazing community of customers and partners—have shared lots of ideas and feedback on ways we can make our products and services even more effective in solving your workflow automation needs.

On behalf of our product teams, I’d like to thank you for both your passion and commitment to the Nintex Workflow Platform.

It’s truly appreciated.

However, (and, we'll be the first to admit it) we haven't necessarily done our best in letting you know what we're doing with these suggestions.

That’s all about to change.


As of June 1st, we've officially kicked off a revamp of our Nintex Product Feedback site. The goal is simple: make your experience better by being more transparent about what's happening with your suggestions.

First, we've consolidated the number of forums or places you can submit feedback. Instead of about 20, you'll find nine forums. These new forums are based on product, which addresses the feedback we had around “where should I post this idea?”

Old Feedback ForumNew Feedback Forum
old feedbackforumnew user voice

Next, we’ve updated the suggestion categories across these forums. That way, if you have an idea for more than one product, or you want to vote for one type of idea, you'll know exactly where to post it with less hunting around.



Our product managers have already started going through existing suggestions to make sure they have a current and accurate status. It won't happen all at once; they'll start with the most popular suggestions and go from there.

Along the same vein, you’ll see us start to merge duplicate ideas. That will make it easier for you to search and see if your idea has already been submitted (and, can give an upvote).

Pro Tip: We always recommend using the forum search to help you find the same or similar ideas to vote on, before submitting a net new idea or piece of feedback.

We remain committed to keeping these feedback forums active and current. It’s one of our best channels for connecting with you. While not every submitted idea, suggestion, or bit of feedback will result in changes to your product experience, each of these are a pathway for talking about your use cases, needs, and feature requests.

And, we wanna hear 'em!

So, if you have a feature suggestion, idea, stroke of brilliance, or even just something that has you scratching your head, let us know.

We look forward to it.

Automation Master
Automation Master

Even just the consolidation is a great start! Good work Nintex team - looking forward to harassing you through this new, improved site

Nintex Newbie

that's great news that the feedback uservoice is actively looked after, and we always appreciate when we see VPs and TEs commenting themselves onto it. 

Thanks for the work!

Automation Master
Automation Master

Just a note: It's now November, and I've seen great improvement in the handling of the User Feedback. Great job, team.