Test Document Package: A quicker way to test your configuration

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"Is my data populating in the generated document? Did I use the correct field tag? How does the formatting look? Does my Insert-Update work?" These are questions I often ask myself when building a new Document Package and now getting the answers is easier than ever!

Previously, admins had to leave the Document Package (formerly DDP) page and navigate to a record to test their configuration. The latest version of Nintex Drawloop Document Generation (v12) contains the new Test Document Package feature which allows admins to test their Document Package configuration without the hassle of ever leaving the page. This highly requested feature ensures admins can quickly and easily test their Document Packages, allowing for faster deployment.

How It Works:
Once your Document Package is configured and you are ready to test, click the 'Select Record' button at the top of the Document Package record.

A pop-up window will appear with a list of records. Select a test record.

Once you've selected a test record, the Contact selection section will appear. If you do not require a Contact to be selected you can skip this section. Otherwise, select a Contact.

Next, select a Delivery Option. The first Delivery Option listed in this section will be Download with a 'TEST' tab in the upper left-hand corner. Selecting this option will generate your document and present you with a link to download your file. Depending on the features being used in your Document Package, you may or may not see a drop-down menu within this option.

  • If you do not see a drop-down menu:
    • You are not using Insert-Updates or PDF Stamps in your Document Package.
  • If you do see a drop-down menu:
    • Your Document Package is configured to use one or both of these features.
    • Select 'None' if you want to generate and download your document but do not want the Insert-updates or PDF Stamps to be included.
    • Select a specific Delivery Option if you want the Insert-Updates and PDF Stamps associated with that delivery method to be run during your test. For example, selecting 'Email to Customer' in the screenshot below will generate the document, include any Insert-Updates or PDF Stamps associated with that delivery option, and present the user with a link to download the file rather than actually sending an email.

Note: If you select a Delivery Option that does not have 'TEST' in the upper left-hand corner, the delivery method will successfully deliver. For example, if I select Email to Customer below my document will generate then email to the appropriate customer listed on my test record. 

Once you've made all of your selections, click the 'Run Document Package' button. You will then see the progress bar.

Once completed, you will be presented with a download link. Download and review your generated document.

Happy testing!