How to use {Template 1} My First Workflow

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{Template 1} My First Workflow shows how you can let people know when a workflow process has started. The workflow collects an email address and message from a form and then sends the message on as a pre-formatted email. This simple workflow is actually a very powerful prototype that you can use on many of your enterprise workflows. By immediately replying to users, you can set their expectations and give them the confidence that the Submit button has actually started a workflow process.

Manual “process started” notifications tend to be inconsistent as each notification is handled in a slightly different manner. This results in lost time, missed opportunities, and false starts.

With this automated system using the Nintex Workflow Cloud, you can create a consistent process where each workflow start is handled with a best practice response.

The Basic Workflow

This workflow responds to an email address added to an online form by sending a customized email to that address:

  1. Starts when the user enters an email address and message in an online form and clicks Submit

  2. Sends email combining the message and
    pre-formatted text to the email address

  3. The workflow ends

Quick start

  1. Open {Template 1} My First Workflow from the Workflows list on the Dashboard
  2. Select Publish, Assigned use = Development from the toolbar to publish your workflow
  3. Test your workflow by entering your email address and a message in the online form and clicking Submit.

For detailed instructions on configuring, publishing and extending your workflow follow this guide in the product documentation.

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