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October Mission: "Scary Requirements"

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It's October, and I'm sprinkling a little spookiness into our monthly mission...

What follows is a scenario that would terrify anyone not fortunate enough to have Nintex at their disposal! Your task is to figure out how to use Nintex products to meet the scary requirements!



The Scenario:

  • You work for a theme park company that does four seasonal rounds of hiring for entertainers to perform at your theme parks.
  • You just held a hiring event, and now you need to send 500 letters to applicants.  There is a rejection letter and an acceptance letter.

::loud thunderclap!::


  • Calling on your database in SalesForce, you need to print a letter and an envelope and get the right letter to each person. And you need to have them print alphabetically so that the office staff can stuff the letters into envelopes without having to shuffle through the stack looking for matches.
  • After you send the letters you need to create a regularly-scheduled report about hires/rejections that is emailed to your management team.

For posting a solution below, you'll receive 200 points! That's a lotta candy corn!


Earn an extra 100 points:  Show how to get the letters and envelopes to print automatically, in alphabetical order, when running the document process.

The Fine Print:

To complete this mission, you need to use Nintex Drawloop Document Generation. If you don't have it, you can request a trial.

If you don't have Salesforce, you can get a developer edition here: Salesforce Developers 

The Badge:

At the end of the month, I'll manually award points and this frightening badge, signifying you as a winner!

scary req badge

Here's a hint:  When using Nintex Drawloop Document Generation, modify your Drawloop subscription to "business" with add-ons enabled.

Automation Master
Automation Master

I know that you need to print two separated items for the mission but window envelopes exist.

I have found a funny one.

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Ha, those are great! I'd actually open junk mail that came in that! Sorry, didn't think about window envelopes! Still good to know how to achieve the result, no? :)

Automation Master
Automation Master

Love the Halloween theme, and that's a pretty cool badge too.  Keep up the great work Frank!