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Meetup Groups for Nintex Users

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Nintex User Group Bellevue - 4-26-16.pngAndy Hough attended the first meeting of the recently created Bellevue Nintex Meetup because he recognizes the power of community.

Andy, the IT director at Bellevue-based GLY Construction, worked with Nintex partner Provoke to develop a quality control solution for construction sites using the Nintex Workflow platform. GLY employees can take a photo, fill in documents and upload them to a SharePoint site for quality control – all from their phone. He was interested in seeing how other people use the platform.

“All of us together are better than any of us alone,” he says. “You don’t know what you don’t know and other people know stuff you don’t know. You can compare notes and find out what works and what doesn’t. We’ll all get better that way.”

Andy was one of the dozen people who enjoyed pizza, beer, soda and knowledge-sharing on Tuesday night in a conference room at Nintex headquarters in Bellevue. Scroll below for links to Nintex user groups around the world.

Interested in starting a user group? Check out this resource to learn more about user group leader responsibilities and benefits. 

What's the Group's Purpose?


At the Bellevue meeting, Nintex Technical Evangelists Aaron Labiosa and Sean Fiene offered a Nintex Workflow and Nintex Forms overview with stories on how people are using the products followed by a more technical look into how to use PowerShell to complete common tasks in Nintex Workflow.

An understanding of the value of community is what made group founders James Porretta and Brendon Ford – who both work at Provoke – create the group. They’ve had success starting and running similar user groups in New Zealand, where Provoke also has offices.

Give a technical community a means of sharing information and great things emerge, James says.

“Problems get solved faster in communities, brighter ideas stem from putting brilliant minds in the same room and meeting in a social environment really allows one to understand a community,” he says.

James hopes the group can accomplish a few things in the future:

  • Raise awareness of technical solutions available with the Nintex Workflow platform
  • Brainstorm ways to solve business challenges
  • Ask questions of Nintex experts
  • Share stories of how they’ve used the platform

Tuesday’s meeting was a mix of current platform users and people considering the platform. He encourages anyone considering joining to check out a meeting.

“The venue is just absolutely amazing,” he says. “Instead of traffic, grab some pizza, drinks and good conversation every couple months while being able to grow your awareness of what’s happening in the technical world. Members can come with business-specific scenarios and questions, and have the opportunity to get them addressed at an accelerated rate.”

Join the Bellevue Nintex Meetup to attend an upcoming meeting. The next one will be Tuesday, June 28.

Are There Other Nintex Meetup Groups?

Not near Bellevue but want to attend a Nintex-focused Meetup group? The number of Meetup groups is increasing and I'll keep updating this list as I learn about new groups. Check out the below groups and start your own Meetup group if there isn't one near you:









Don't see a group in your area and interested in starting one? Check out this resource to learn more about user group leader responsibilities and benefits. 

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Workflow Hero

Very excited to see this happen! Way to go Aaron Labiosa​ to make PowerShell a part of the conversation!

If I only lived within a 1000 miles, I'd be there.

Workflow Hero

Great to see the number of Nintex MeetUp groups we have all over the world now!  

One thought I had in mind is that seeing Nintex Community has been a success with providing a place where customers/partners/nintex employees etc collaborate and help each other. 

Would it be a good idea to have one area for each of the MeetUp groups.where we can have online discussions, post slide decks, etc in Nintex Community? This way all contents from each user group would be discoverable by the broader Nintex community

Workflow Hero

Now one in the UK -

Workflow Hero

I'd love to run one here, in Warsaw. However - is there any Nintex participation in Meetup costs foreseen? Or is it covered by the participants themselves?

Workflow Hero

‌ you should contact ‌ who can give you the t&cs for the meetups.

Workflow Hero

Tomasz - I just started a Nintex User Group in San Diego - We held our first meeting 2 weeks ago.  In my experience, Nintex will not cover any expenses.  See here for more details: 

Workflow Hero

Thanks Cassy, thanks Tom. I've already contacted Patrick Hosch and he confirmed me that Nintex is not participating in any costs.

So I do have questions to you:

  1. Have you been in contact with your "potential" NUG future members, so that you knew that once you start it all up you will have an audience?
  2. How do you cover Meetup costs and "real" meeting costs?
  3. Why meetup? Why not Facebook Event?

I'm trying to reach polish Nintex users somehow, but without a luck so far. Moreover there are over 10 users from Poland in the community, but they all just created the accounts and did nothing since then.

What is your experience with your members?



Workflow Hero

1. I basically stalked everyone on the community and anyone from UK I sent a message telling them about NUG UK and we plugged away on twitter and LinkedIn. Nintex also retweeted which helped grow the visibility

2. We asked for sponsorship from companies for the event for prizes, location, beers and pizza, drinks after etc in return for publicity

3. I don't know I'm not a big fan of it 

Workflow Hero

Stalking. I'll try that. Thanks Cassy

Workflow Hero

Haha yes shameless I know! 

Workflow Hero
  1. I've been promoting on Twitter and Linked In.  I was hoping Nintex would do an email blast to all clients in San Diego, CA but that didn't happen.  Nintex did retweet my tweets, but that was it.  The sales team said they would do an email blast for our next meeting.  They just need to advise any partners working with other clients about the meeting and invite them as well.  I'm pretty sure that most Nintex clients in our area are not yet aware of our NUG.
  2. So far the costs have been minimal.  I spent maybe $30 - $40 on pizza and drinks.
  3. I'm just used to using Meetup for this sort of thing.  
Workflow Hero

I'm starting the Atlanta NUG this month along with help from Eric Rhodes and Nicole Prestby. Our first meeting is 4/27. I have a meetup as well and twitter. I'm going to expand to Facebook maybe after the first event. I'm also closely connected with our local SharePoint UG and going to cross promote.

We are going to meet once a quarter to start with and feel it out. How often are you guys meeting?

Workflow Hero

That's awesome, Congrats.  We had our first meeting on 3/20, and next meeting is planned for 5/22 (so every other month).  I also run our San Diego SharePoint UG, so we'll be cross promoting as well.  We might switch to quarterly though.

Workflow Hero

HI, can you add our UK group to the list please? 

Workflow Hero

‌, who can edit this page to add UK's group to the list?

Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

‌ - that would be me!  Update is done :-)