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  • 15 February 2022
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The term template can refer to several different types of eSign objects.

eSign Document Template

This template type consists of:

  • an underlying document, uploaded in PDF or Word (.doc/.docx formats)
  • applied JotBlock areas
  • email settings indicating which email set to use
  • workflow, which defines signing assignments, order, communication, and timing
  • parameters, which are variables or inputs provided by the sender, used to pass in data to prefill JotBlocks and workflow elements 


An eSign Document Template may have areas (JotBlocks) filled in:

  • at the time of template creation
  • at the time of template launch (through DocumentNOW interfaces or from within the eSign administrative application)
  • by a signer at the time of presentation of the document to them for signing/data entry


Workflow Only Templates

eSign also supports the concept of Workflow Only Templates, which require that a document be passed in using a DocumentNOW submit method which contains dynamically created JotBlocks. There are different models of templates:


eSign also provides the ability to design classic Envelope Templates, also meant to be used via DocumentNOW V2 methods. Envelope Templates provide a way for you to configure notifications for use with document envelopes created via DocumentNOW. Once created, you can customize the email notifications and DocumentTRAK web notifications for various stages of the envelope lifecycle. In addition, you can configure document transmission to occur when the envelope is completed. This interface will only be visible if your account is configured to use envelopes.

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