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  • 15 February 2022
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Custom Emails

As a best practice, one of the first things to configure in your AssureSign account is Custom Emails. Custom Emails are a fantastic method of branding, and they also provide a means of catering your emails specifically to your customers.

Even if you do not plan on creating an entire custom email design set immediately, we strongly recommend you set your default email design set to “Default Designs,” rather than “Built-in – English.” Then, rename “Default Designs” to a name of your preference. This is achieved through the following four steps:

  • Go to the Administration Tab – Email.
  • Click “Edit” which is found next to “Default Designs.”
  • Check the “Make Default” box.
  • Click “Save.”

These email bodies are the exact same as the “Built-In – English” set, however you can edit and rename this email design set to your liking.

Emails that are sent to signatories are grouped into  Email Design Sets. When you create a new document for signing or design a template you choose the Email Design Set that will be used for the object. Then, for each event in the document life cycle you select a specific Email Design from those available in your set to communicate the appropriate message.

Email Design Sets

A certain number of default email sets will be present when you first view your account. Some of these built in sets will be locked and may not be modified.

You will initially be provided with an editable design set called "Default Designs".  This will be set as your default design set, so that when you start creating new templates it will automatically be selected as the design set for that template.  You may change the name of this set, and pick other sets as your default set.

You may create additional design sets.  If you are going to create a number of sets then you should consider naming your sets so that they match the expected use of the set.

To Create a New Email Design Set

  • Click new to enter the email design
  • Give your design set a meaningful name
  • Check the "Make Default" box to default the email design set to be used for any new documents your users set up
    • it will still be possible to select a different design set when documents are launched
  • Pick an Email Design Set to Copy 
    • Important:  when you copy an existing set, ALL emails that are part of that set will also be copied.
    • Select "None" to make an empty set
  • Save when you are done

Later, you may click edit to change the name and default settings on the design set.

Tracking Where Your Designs are Used 

To help keep track of where your emails are being referenced, both Email Design Sets and Email Designs display a "Use Count".  When a set is the default on a template, or an email is referenced in a document or envelope template, a number will be displayed.  You may click on this number to see a list of templates where your email design is used. 

Email Designs

Important: We recommend copying an existing set when you are first getting started creating email designs. This is especially important when you are creating a design that should contain links to signing or completed documents: copying an existing built-in template will ensure your email is created with all the important elements to start with. To copy an existing design simply click the copy link, and a new design will be opened based on the selected existing design.

Create A New Email Design

  • Click new and enter an email design name
  • Click on the drop down arrow to select an email design set
  • Enter an email subject. You can insert a merge field, such as recipient, company name, etc.
  • Edit the email body by typing the contents in the space provided. A preview is shown below the content editor window. You may utilize the tool bar to perform some styling. Merge fields, which are markers for insertion of session specific information added at runtime, may also be incorporated in the body of the email.
  • Click save to add

Later, you may click edit to change your email subject and to edit the content.

Merge Fields in Emails

For a deep dive into understanding merge fields, review the topics on

  • Globally Available Merge Fields and
  • Template Specific Merge Fields

Notification Events/Triggers

An AssureSign Templates workflow defines specific points in the lifecycle of a document and/or envelope. These events are the triggers for email notifications. Events include:

  • Envelope Started
  • Document Started
  • Before Step Started
  • After Step Completed
  • Landing Page Visited
  • Document Completed
  • Envelope Completed

Email notifications may also be configured for the following events that may also occur during the document/envelope life-cycle:

  • Envelope Pre-Expiration Warning (N days prior to envelope expiration)
  • Document Pre-Expiration Warning (N days prior to document expiration)
  • Envelope Feedback Submitted
  • Document Feedback Submitted
  • Envelope Signer Authentication Failed
  • Document Signer Authentication Failed

Email notifications can also be configured for cases where a document/envelope is not completed:

  • Envelope Expired
  • Document Expired
  • Envelope Cancelled
  • Document Cancelled
  • Envelope Declined
  • Document Declined

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