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Run If action "not equals" resets to &qu...

Hi, I have a "Run If" step that runs if "Workflow initiator not equals X" (where X is a particular user name). I find that when I publish and ...

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Does anyone know what property I need when using &...

I have the user's email address but don't know what property I should use when setting the value of a Person.Grouop field.

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Duplicate Emails yet only one workflow instance an...

Hello, As of Friday last week we have been experiencing duplicate emails being sent despite there being only 1 email action in the workflow. The...

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Using Nintex for O365, can you identify if someone...

I have their email address. I tried to use "Query User Profile" hoping that a null result for a particular property (e.g. Name) would indicate th...

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Looping workflow hits "outbound http request ...

Hello! I have a lengthy For-Each based workflow that loops over web based InfoPath forms in a library, and calculates how old they are, so tha...

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