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Introducing Workflow failure notifications for Off...

Workflows can fail for a variety of reasons, anything from communication issues with external systems, incorrect data, workflow logic, all the way t...

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Enable / Disable has arrived for O365!

G'day, this is Dan on behalf of Rick and Rick wanted me to tell all you fine Nintex for O365 workflow designers that we are thinking about you...

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Start event configuration disabled

Hi everyone How do I change my Start Event to something different, when it says "configuration is disabled due to one or more variables being use"?...

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Nintex Workflow Cloud Blob URL Expiration

I have a component workflow in NWC that I am calling from a custom web app via Web APIs. Part of this request involves uploading files to NWC, which ...

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How to rename the file name?

Hello Everyone, Here's my explanation. I have a submission form using Nintex Workflow Cloud and a file upload control. After submit, we...

  • By kenzie
  • May 19, 2021  10:43
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Create New List, copy items and attachments, 60 pl...

Nintex Community. I am trying to create a cloud workflow (most likely a site workflow) that will create a new List and title it with a prefix su...

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Unable to update SharePoint Item Attachment

The current capability that Nintex Workflow Cloud has it to update a SharePoint list item based on a field which it works great but when I try to add...

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