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How to query if value exists

Hi all, I have a list of employees and two of the columns used are "Location" and "Initials". On my Nintex form, I want to add employees to my...

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Action at end of workflow

Hi everyone! I have a workflow which assigns a Flexi-Task to a person, requiring their approval before it continues. At the end of the workf...

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Choice - Text padding

Hi there, I am trying to figure out this very frustrating problem I have a choice list with 15 people in it that runs vertically on my form...

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Display value based on day of week

Good evening all, Brand new user of Nintex forms for my Sharepoint 2013 site. I am trying to create a form with a specific requirement and I nee...

  • By willise
  • April 20, 2018  18:49
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