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Grid in table not showing

Dear All, we use NW2013. I have a simple table and use the function "show grid". But in the e-mail (i use the Send notification-Object), it ...

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request data without e-mail notificatin?

Dear All, i have a workflow with a request data object. Is it possible, to use a distribution list as a "collect from"? Is there another way (a...

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see if value exists

Dear All, i want to compare two values. one value is in a different list, the other value is within a variable. for this i used the "set...

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count "slash" and cut after that --> ...

Hi All, i have a question. I want to count the slashes within a field and cut the Input Text after that. I tried to use the "regular expres...

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find out the sender?

hi all, in our sharepoint-system, our CFO got a empty nintex message with a specific code in the subject ([#DDDQGDRGDYED#]). Is there a way t...

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