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List Lookup V1 - source view

Hi there, I have a number of list lookup v1 (v1 is legacy and gets populated synchronously on form load) controls on my form, each with a different source view to display different items. I show and h...

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Disabled multiline textbox has no scroll slider

Hi all,I have a multiline textbox that is disabled for input but needs to be scrollable to show all content. The up and down arrows of the scrollbar are visible, and provide scrolling, but the slider ...

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Workflow statuses

Hi all,Is there a way to determine from the current workflow, if another workflow on the same item is completed? A post from 2015 "Check if workflow is running?" suggested that there were a number of ...

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Currency field validation message

I have a currency field on a Nintex form that has a validation rule on the form itself, if the value is non-numeric. However I get two validation messages displayed, the custom message first then a se...

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Issue with lookup change event firing on form load - Nintex forms version 2.7

Hi there Nintex community,I am having an issue with the Nintex forms lookup list controls change event handler, whereby the event handler is firing as the form is loading. The handler have alerts that...

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Repeating section as html table in mail

A simple way to convert Nintex Forms Repeating section XML data to a HTML table is using a XLS transformation. To do the transformation only one action is needed: Query XML.Here is a simple example (F...

In Nintex for SharePoint
  • Posted by mlauer
  • | August 24, 2015 06:47
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