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Nintex-workflow with option-field-result

Hi there! via Nintex workflow I send form-content via email. It works in case of textfields good. BUT: How can I send selection of option-fields...

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Two-language files

Hallo! Is there opportunity to switch between english and german version of nintex form? Background: I need an english and german form based on...

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Execute single action with admin right?

Hallo! I need to use "Update Element" in Nintex Workflow. A friend of mine told me to use "Group of action" in case the logged user does not ha...

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Form in tabular-format?

Hi there! is there an opportunity to make a form in a list style? Background: I've a nintex form. In each field I can enter Information, then ...

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Regex for "have to contain

Hi! When I try to force user to enter information like Mustermann, Max and want to avoid entries like Mustermann Max which regex should I us...

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