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New Resposonsive (Office365) - Current limitations

Updated: 14th September 2020 This page is updated regularly as we ship new features. If you are interested in a particular feature, please let us know in the comments below. Current functionality wh...

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New Responsive Designer Now Available

We’re excited to announce the release of a new forms designerwithin the Nintex Process Platform. Now users across Office 365 and Nintex Workflow Cloud can design forms using the same easy-to-use yet p...

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How can I change a form based on who is accessing the form?

I recently was asked how can a designer change the look of a form based on the user who is accessing the form when using Nintex New Responsive Forms for Office365. To explain how I would do this with...

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How can I show a value from a Data Lookup control as a label in Nintex Forms for Work

A community member recently had a question on how they could select data from Office365, and after a selection is made, show an additional property as a read-only field. I've made a video on two ways ...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the New Responsive Designer, Universal Forms? Yes, the New Responsive designer is using our Universal Forms engine. This engine is used across NIntex Workflow Cloud, Nintex Workflow and Forms for ...

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get current month and year only without using date/time picker on responsive designer

I want to get current month and year only without using date/time picker on responsive designer? is there any possible to get that? can you help me@EuanGamble@emha

In Nintex for SharePoint
  • Posted by aron_18
  • | September 15, 2020 01:03
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Display list of related items from another list

I need to display several items from another list in the same site inside the form, and am using the online new responsive designer. For some context, it is an incident list that needs to have one or ...

In Nintex for Office 365
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New Responsive form: text box not resizing as intended

I am using a New Responsive form on Nintex O365. I have a long text field with the "Auto resize height" option set to Yes. In Display mode, the text is cut off and there is no way to view it all unl...

In Nintex for Office 365
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New Responsive form - can I use a rule to "reset" all fields within a group?

I have a form with multiple groups that contain lots of fields. The groups are show/hide based on a parent checkbox being selected. I want to reset all fields within a group if the parent gets uncheck...

In Nintex for Office 365
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Proper Use of Lookup runtime function for DateTime

Hello, I am having the hardest time to properly format a lookup formula to lookup a date field and insert the date as the default date in another date field. I am receiving the error "Formula return t...

In Responsive Forms
  • Posted by rtsp94
  • | June 03, 2020 05:41
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