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New Resposonsive (Office365) - Current limitations

This page is updated regularly as we ship new features. If you are interested in a particular feature, please let us know in the comments below. Controls not available 🗓️ Button (In design and pla...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the New Responsive Designer, Universal Forms? Yes, the New Responsive designer is using our Universal Forms engine. This engine is used across NIntex Workflow Cloud, Nintex Workflow and Forms for ...

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New Responsive Designer Now Available

We’re excited to announce the release of a new forms designerwithin the Nintex Process Platform. Now users across Office 365 and Nintex Workflow Cloud can design forms using the same easy-to-use yet p...

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Nintex Form for SharePoint 2013

All versions support English,Spanish, Italian, Russian, German, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese, Danish, French, Dutch,Arabic and Hebrew. Important information Effective 13 September 2019 (the “End of...

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New Resposonsive (SharePoint 2013/2016) - Current limitations

Controls not available Button control 🗓️ [Planned] Save as draft (Future release) 🗓️ [Planned] Redirect (Future release) Calculated value (Recommend using Label control with Variable) Hyperlink...

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Choice - Single or Multiple (Fill in) for drop down

Hi Support, Just a suggestion, is a fill-in option for drop downs when using the Choice - Single / Multiple action coming any time soon? It's great that we can do it for when it is a radio button we ...

In Nintex Workflow Cloud
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Nintex not working with New Chrome 80

Nintex Forms do not work in Chrome 80. My Company has been testing the new Chrome 80 and none of the Nintex forms work. Is there going to be anytype of update to Nintex forms/workflows that will allow...

In Nintex for SharePoint
  • Posted by MikeC
  • | January 29, 2020 07:22
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New Responsive Designer Date Control

The date control created in the New Responsive Designer doesn't allow the user to type in a date, they can only use the calendar control. We have a form that requires dates years back, so if the NRD i...

In Nintex for SharePoint
  • Posted by AnneC
  • | January 28, 2020 08:02
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Lookup function help docs inconsistent; Lookup not returning multiple results (array)

Hi, I have a problem with the Lookup function in Forms (Nintext for O365); the lookup itself is functioning (slowly) if the lookup returns a single record, but if there are multiple records matching t...

In Nintex for Office 365
  • Posted by VvK
  • | January 16, 2020 19:22
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Nintex Responsive Form: Validate single line of text field to less than or equal to 2

Seems like this should be a VERY SIMPLE thing to do, but I'm at my wit's end! I have a responsive form with just one field - the Title field. The SharePoint list column is restricted to 255 character...

In Nintex for Office 365
  • Posted by smarano
  • | January 16, 2020 08:12
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