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Filter Query Action on choice column

Hi, we have two lists where there is a Model Run ref column and the Data Input field as a choice column (not multiple choice) in the source list...

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How to open a list item in Diag Modal window from ...

I've seen this question asked loads of times and thought I would share my solution on how I accomplished this. I take no kudos for the script. My...

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Refresh Calculated Value form field by JavaScript....

Hi all, we have a requirement to force a calculated form field to refresh. It has a variable of ErrorCount. It is not connected to any SharePoin...

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Filter page viewer control on Nintex Form with par...

Hi all, I have a Document Library called DecEnd. We need to display this list on a form (attached to another library called Master Entries) in...

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Wait for Item update workflow action check blank d...

Hi, I am trying to prevent a workflow from running until a date/time entry field is not blank. I followed the tutorial here https://askmanisha...

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Error during Updating Solution Core Components - N...

I am trying to upgrade Nintex Workflow 2013 to the latest version. I have ensured all services are running required for the installation by follo...

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New Save and Continue Button

So it's finally here and I've been having a play. On long forms a user can now save their progress without the form closing and them having to ...

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NTX PowerShell Action - Stable Release

NTX PowerShell Action - Stable Release Features Robust security features based on Windows Remote Management. Ability to execute PowerShel...

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How do you add SP.UI.ModalDialog.showWaitScreenWit...

I have a form where I have forced the workflow to complete while the item is being created (using conditional statements on the workflow) before ...

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  • July 20, 2015  14:03
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Call Powershell From Nintex

I want to execute a task or command on the SharePoint Server. What Nintex product provides for this functionality? Please include additional re...

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  • July 31, 2014  11:05
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