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Unable to apply a template from Nintex workflow using DocuSign Connector

How can we apply a template to an item we are sending to DocuSign through SharePoint using DocuSign Connector for Nintex?I've setup a Nintex workflow with DocuSign populate template. I'm trying to sen...

In Nintex for SharePoint
  • Posted by swap
  • | June 30, 2016 02:28
  • Views 660
  • Replies 2

Cancel button returning to current form

What would be the best ways to return to current form when you press Cancel button? I was looking for the confirmation message on cancel button as well. After struggling to get perfect solution on thi...

In Community Blogs
  • Posted by swap
  • | November 07, 2017 03:05
  • Views 1540
  • Replies 1

Can we compare dropdown values in Repeating section?

Hi, Can we compare dropdown values in Repeating section?I would like to compare the dropdown values in Repeating section to avoid duplication records. Can we use compare validator for Repeating sectio...

In Nintex for SharePoint
  • Posted by swap
  • | May 11, 2015 02:43
  • Views 1847
  • Replies 9

Regex - Extract data

Hi,I'm looking for a regex expression pattern for the following data. I need first column and last column information from the table.e.g.Annual Leave12.5Uncertified Sick Leave6.048 mths Sick Leave Ful...

In Nintex for SharePoint
  • Posted by swap
  • | February 26, 2019 00:55
  • Views 629
  • Replies 4

Add Save as Draft button to the list and Allow users to add items to a list and edit

How to add Save as Draft button functionality and users can modify their own items?Please follow this postfor Save as Draft button functionality, thanks Dan Stollfor wonderful post.Under Version setti...

In Community Blogs
  • Posted by swap
  • | May 29, 2018 06:22
  • Views 693
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Cancel button returning to current form?

I'm new to Nintex Forms and it's capabilities. I know how to have my cancel button on a Nintex form call a JS function, but it's not behaving correctly. Currently, if the user clicks the cancel button...

In Nintex for Office 365
  • Views 1196
  • Replies 3

May Mission - Quick Top Tip!

Following on from the success of January 2017 Mission‌ "What is your Nintex New Years Resolution", which was all about what bad habits you have when using Nintex that you would like to dispel of, we h...

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  • Replies 7

Attachment URL from a list item to task item(Approval form)

I am trying toget the attachment url from a list item to a assign flexi task item(task form). I cannot use Call web services as my organization have blocked it for some reason.Also what is the use of ...

In Nintex for SharePoint
  • Views 4374
  • Replies 9

Can you hide a Nintex form field, but still use it's value?

I noticed something odd...You can make form fields, such as aCalculated Value,"Visible - Yes/No", but if you make it "No" then you can no longer use it anywhere? I could understand if you Disabled the...

In Nintex for SharePoint
  • Views 2780
  • Replies 8
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