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Check-out and Check-in within the form

Looking to check-out a document when the form opens and check-in when the form closes. I can't imagine any other way than JavaScript. Does anyone...

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Execute SQL - Multiple columns

I have the following scenario: Select EmployeeName, Phone, Email from Emplyees The action places the results in a collection, which app...

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Form List View Control Filter not working

The SharePoint list has a column called ProjectID. There is a library which stores project documents that also has a column called projectID. I w...

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Modified due date

I have the following scenario: List item with due date column is created Workflow runs on the item and assigns a flexi task to a user with ...

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Save vs. Save and Submit

In Nintex forms button action, what is the difference between " Save " and " Save and Submit "? Thanks,

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Delete attachments from list

I have a workflow that copies attachments from a list once it has been completed and puts them in the document library. How do I then delete the...

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  • February 27, 2015  07:46
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List view for Nintex Forms, Caml Query filter

Cannot find any examples, but I am not able to use CAML custom query to filter List view on a Nintex Form. I use similar to this <Query> ...

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