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Removing extension for Name of document in SharePo...

Hi Working on-prem, with Nintex workflow 2013. I am trying to remove the extension of a document name Example Test.docx or Test.pdf W...

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Making control disable not saving value after subm...

Hi I am working on Nintex form. I have a Yes/No control which depending on another field either gets selected or not. I have used NWF$("#" + JSC...

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Updating choice (dropdown) field depending on sing...

I am trying to auto updated choice (dropdown) field depending on single line textbox that is filled when the Nintex form loads once the dropdown opti...

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Update value depending on previous field

I have been trying to update a field value which pulls in from another list. I have been using JS but don't seem to be getting anywhere : ...

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Creating page approval nintex WF

Hi Basically l currently have OOTB approval workers on any page modified. I have set up a NWF where it looks at a certain day and runs which ...

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Set value depending on other column in new form

Hi together, I'm coming with a quite simple question - I guess - but I somehow can't find the best/easiest way to achieve that. I have a fo...

  • By vaanmo
  • October 19, 2018  06:52
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Javascript function is calling before the Default ...

Hi , I am having a Nintex form, where I am using a javascript confirmation dialog in onclick of "Save" button. While I try to submit the form wi...

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  • May 04, 2016  03:29
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Rules on Nintex forms based on group membership?

Is it possible to create a rule on a Nintex Form to only display a section if the user is a member of a particular SharePoint group? I know ho...

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Trying to filter a list lookup based on two drop d...

I'm working on an activity tracker, users will select the Team (choice of three; AA, BB, CC) and the Type (choice of two; AdHoc or Regular) and i...

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Start Nintex workflow to approve publishing a majo...

We have a Nintex workflow which starts with the minor version, goes for multiple approvals and ends with publishing the major version by changing...

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