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Set a control's properties for image attachmen...

I have a certain view with 5 image attachment controls on it. I use the view in multiple forms. On some forms the size of the images need to be small...

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Scroll to a certain view

Hi, Is there a way to navigate in your form to a certain place. Something like Focus on view x. I have a large form and when I press a certain b...

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Can you create custom layout for list views?

Hi, I am struggling with the fact that my listview has to many columns to nicely fit on the screen. So I was wondering if there is a way to transform ...

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Smartobject call that takes up to 6 minutes to ret...

Hi, I have a smartobject call that can take quite a long time to be finished. (it slices a PDF file into images and zips this on the server). Lo...

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Sorting on numeric values done as text instead of ...

Hi, I didn't find any topics on this, which surprised me as I can't imagine that I am the only person here with this issue. I have a listview wi...

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Digital Signature v4

v4 is a bug fix for K2 Five based on V3 share by @JPSwaynos in Digital Signature v3 Bug: Unable to get File output value. Investig...

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Delete Multiple rows from a Smartobject with same ...

Hi, I have a Smartobject as follows: File GroupID hello.txt 1 Tester.txt 2 K2.docx 2 K9.docx 2 I am ...

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Tree Control using a Stored Procedure

Can anyone point me to the solution of using a SQL Stored Procedure as the data for the SmartObject that builds a Tree Control. I made the sample tab...

  • By Chadg
  • February 04, 2016  11:06
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Full Calendar Control

The K2 smartforms Full Calendar Control provides a full size , drag & drop calendar which can use any K2 SmartObject which has a start and end da...

  • By Deon
  • December 18, 2013  14:28
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Current Version V1.8 Below is a link to a video that will help you create Multilingual forms. V1.8 T...

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