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K2 Cloud + SAP Integration

Hello Experts, Do we have any SAP connector for K2 Cloud? else what's the alternate way to connect and call live data into k2 cloud. Thanks,...

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Excel Import into K2 cloud

Hello, we are looking for a solution for excel export into cloud app. Please let us know if anyone has came across with the solution. ** Declaimer...

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K2 Form login Unmask password

Hello, we are using K2 form login to login into k2 app. Is this possible to add an EYE icon on the password field to unmask password to see users...

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Disable file attachment control download on click

Hello, I want to disable the download for file control if the user clicks on the attachment control. Is it possible?

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Shared OOF task in to K2 cloud

Hello, I am using task smo to create a custom worklist into k2 cloud now challenge we are seeing that OOF shared task doesn't appear into task sm...

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how to create custom filter on folio in k2 worklis...

Hi I want to create a custom filter on folio to filter it as per my current project page on worklist control. It would be dynamic and changed as p...

  • By PM1
  • May 13, 2020  23:08
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REST API - Out of Office Tasks

We are using the workflow REST API to list, open/assign, and action workflow tasks through a custom web app. We have discovered that tasks assigned t...

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SmartObject of serverEvents API?

I am trying to configure a workflow (A) that needs to wait for a certain event to happen on an external system in order to continue. This event on th...

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PDF Generate issue using pdf converter

hi, i am using pdf generator smo with url to generate pdf from another form using create pdf from url method but everytime it gives me pdf with l...

  • By BB33
  • March 20, 2020  10:27
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Query SmartObject Help

Hey all, New to K2 here and need some assistance. I work at a University and I'm currently working on a project that will convert some of our...

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