My status field become empty when the form is saved

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I have created a form based on a SharePoint list with Nintex Forms for Office 365. My list has a field called Request Status (choice type field) with Draft as my default. When I open the form, Draft is displayed in the field Request Status. Once I save, the value disappears and if I try to add it, at saving, it disappears. 

My SharePoint Field setting

  • Type: Choice
  • Default value: Draft
  • Display choices using: Drop-Down Menu

My Nintex field setting

  • Choice - single connected to request status
  • Required: Yes
  • Visible: Yes
  • Read-only: No

Action Panel setting

  • Save button text: Save
  • Connected to value: empty
  • Submit button text: Submit to Event and Meeting Coordinator
  • Connected to value: In Development (one of the choice in the SharePoint Field)

I have no rule attached to those fields.

It was working when I did it but for an unknown reason, today it is not working anymore.



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Hi @mlefebvre 


I think this is because you have no value inserted into the connected to value for the save button.  I checked and when I specify a value there it updates and saves the value, when its blank it will clear the value if you click the save button.

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Hi @mlefebvre 
Did this response answer your question?

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I have another questions. My form is interactive during the full process, meaning

  1. The requester start by building in draft mode and when the form is ready, they can submit. They may need to modify during that stage.
  2. Once submitted, the status changes to “In Development” and the coordinator verify, adjust and add additional information.
  3. Once the coordinator feels the request is ready to be submitted, the status becomes “Ready for submission”.
  4. The requester is advised and must submit the form. If approved, the event is taking place. 
  5. After the event, the actual cost is entered and if it is above 15% of the original cost, another approval process must happens. 

During all those steps, we will use saved to save the progress, if I add a value, is it going to change the field to that value?

We need to be able to save the form without affecting the status value.