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Refresh Lookup Columns in the Windows Mobile App w...

I am using Nintex Forms for Office365. The users heavily use the mobile app to access the form. The mobile form uses lookup columns. Sometimes wh...

  • By swegner
  • November 25, 2015  12:48
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Issue with Choice as Checkbox on Nintex Mobile

Is there an issue with the Choice as Checkbox on Nintex Mobile? I have a choice field that displays as checkboxes, but when I use Windows 8 Deskt...

  • By swegner
  • August 10, 2015  12:32
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Additional Information (i) in Nintex Mobile App Fo...

In Nintex Forms, on my mobile phone app when I start a new form, what is the 'i' for additional info at the bottom of the form, and how can I add...

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