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How to add recaptcha to k2 smartform

Hi All, Can someone give some instructions to add recaptcha option to the form. Note: i'm getting the blank screen after following the instructi...

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Returns only http response code-- REST Service

Hi All, i created a simple REST service. but when i expose the service to K2, its just returning only http response codes. Detail steps: ...

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How to expose sharepoint list(Sharepoint online) t...

Hi All, I’m looking for suggestion on one of the threshold point, in one of our scenario we need to insert the data into list(SharePoint online) ...

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The Delete and Add Functions are missing when I cr...

In K2 5 why are the Add and Delete functions missing from a list view I make edit able. See the old list here; and the new list below: I desperately...

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How to start a Parallel child Process in k2 Five

Hello, B4 k2 Five we were using No Distianation plan slot to start a multiple chil Prcoess parallel. No this is no more in k2 Five . So my query...

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Why Activity Data in WF Process is always blank

When i open workflow process in browser and click on any Step which is executed already and try to check Activity data for that perticular step but i...

  • By BB33
  • June 11, 2019  18:56
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Where can I find the source of an action? Was it f...

Hi, We have a workflow where a task can be completed from a Smartform or a SmartAction and we need to know where the source of a completed action...

  • By ss_
  • June 02, 2019  20:18
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Insert a List view / multiple records in an email?...

Hi, Is it possible to insert multiple records from a list view into an email in a workflow? So i have a form where the user enters several re...

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