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k2 view increment counter

Hi , I have a view with checkboxes for monday,tuesday,wednesday,etc when i save the view (create the item ), i want a total of the number of d...

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Workflow user sharepoint app

when i create list items from workflow they are created with user sharepoint app. Is there a way of changing the user that creates the item from the ...

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store hyperlink in smartobject field data type hyp...

i want to store a hyperlink in a smartobject field of type hyperlink from a workflow so that it will display properly in a view . the text funct...

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folio field value

apparently when i look at an activity report the workflow instance folio field should be filled with the title of the form , but this does not seem t...

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data type for current user

in a smart object i have a field employee name . i cannot find a data type (like people picker in sharepoint ) that will auto fill the field when i ...

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