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RPA interactions with websites

Is it common to have issues with interactions with websites and Nintex RPA? We're having inconsistent results related to interactions with websites ...

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RPA Central - backup of botflows

We just upgraded to RPA Central and we used to keep backup versions of Foxtrot scripts in a network location. Now that we're on RPA Central any user ...

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RPA Central - how to restrict developer access

We were upgraded to RPA Central recently so now all designers can edit or run botflows. We used to manage this by network access and keeping the scri...

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Finding a row on screen dynamically

I been stuck trying to find a way to click on the row using a variable. My Variable contains LC-0031. I want to be able to pick this row with BOTf...

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Botflow Organization

Is there a way or will there be a way to organize botflows into folders? As we start to build out botflows, we're seeing that it could be potentially...

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Adding Business Days

Is there an easy way to add Business Days in a formula? I am looking for something that gives me a date 10 business days from today's date.

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Printing an Email PDF

I am needing to take the emails that we have and print the entire email to PDF. I do not see this action. We are wanting to open the email and print ...

  • By nasher
  • January 14, 2021  08:05
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Error 1053 - Windows could not start the Nintex RP...

RPA central fails to load. When restarting the RPA Central service it throws the error in the attached screenshot. When I try to open Foxtrot it says...

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