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Enter a date in the past

How do I specify a date in the past, for instance 7 days back from today's date?

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Windows Explorer

I have a list of PDF documents in Windows Explorer. I need to link each document individually into SAP. I therefore need to know how to select the to...

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Date format

I have an Excel sheet where the date is stipulated as 4/12/20. I need to enter the date as 12/4/20 in SAP. Is there a way to convert the date into th...

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Moving down in a web table

Hi I am working on a web table. I have a column with 7 rows in it. I need to click the top entry to access it, make some changes to the record, and...

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Capturing steps on webpage

I need to run a bot on a webpage where I need to click on scroll bars, select hyperlinks, click buttons to collapse tables and expand a range of node...

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