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Rename Nintex workflow column

Hallo If i crate a worklow nintex create a column with the workflow name. how can i rename a workflow column? SharePoin...

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how can I use a "tabstopp" in an textbox...

I read some columns from a table and write them in a text variable. To make a better visiualisation i want tu use the "tabstopp". How ...

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Variable split with pattern | not possible

I have a variable with follow text "i:0e.t|kspagadfs|czxy@abc.bla.xx" I will do Opteration "split" with pattern "|" Split divides the input te...

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Nintex Workflow - Work with User Data information

I created a list with an field name " affected user" on screen name "betroffener User" If I start a Nintex workflow and select the field ...

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