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Show filed when a value is selected in a lookup li...

Hi, In my Form there is Lookup List Country, if Brazil is selected, then 2 additional fields need to be highlighted, it would be hidden other wise....

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Using multiple forms in one site

Hello, I have 2 individual sites, one keeps records of Contracts and the other keeps records of Legal Issues. Recently I was asked to Merge both th...

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How to avoid the #ID in the Lookup Formula

HI, I have Lookup formula in my form. It is working fine however the Output has the ID;# Column Value (Image Attached) This is the formula ...

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Validating buttons based on Value in a field

Hi, I have a form where when a new request is entered the Save & Submit and Cancel Buttons should be highlight. Once it is done a mail is t...

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Lookup Function (Formula)

Hi, In my Nintex Form, when the requester selects the Country, based on the selection a text field has to get show if it is LatAM or NAM, The count...

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I want to display the ID of new list items in the ...

I want to display the ID of new list items in the input form, is that possible?

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  • March 10, 2015  13:42
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