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How to enable a nintex form to start from the item menu in sharepoint 2019

Similar to enabling a workflow to start from an item menu(in workflow settings)- is there a way to enable to Nintex form to start from the item menu of a sharepoint list? I have several different con...

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How to find the Document Set URL for the item to insert into a workflow

I built a state workflow for my document set to submit and track awards - using flexi tasks. The approvers can either reject, approve, or ask for more information. If more information is required, a n...

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Email notification is not sent when using Pause til a certain date action

I am using a Pause until a certain date action to send anemail notification reminder (to complete a post travel summary). This emailreminderisn't sentsent once the date has passed (Traveler End Date +...

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Pause Until Date in the Past

We have a workflow that uses the Pause Until action + a date on the item form. Sometimes the date would be in the past. Is it normal for the workflow to stall in the Pause Until past date mode forever...

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  • Posted by sverem
  • | January 11, 2019 10:40
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