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Setting Unique permissions for document sets to only allow visibility based on a fiel

I have a sharepoint list that I want to use for the whole company to process document sets. I only want one department to have access to document sets specified by that department field, e.g., sales s...

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How to resolve Document Set workflow error "workflow has ended unexpectedly"

I originally had the workflow for my document set library to automatically start when a NEW document set is created. However, you can't upload the documents until after the NEW document set is created...

In Nintex for SharePoint
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Document Sets SMEs - Initiating a nintext workflow at the document set level

My workflow is set to atomically start when a new item is entered; however, I would like to have my nintex workflow to only automatically start when creating a new document set - and NOT after each n...

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How to enable a nintex form to start from the item menu in sharepoint 2019

Similar to enabling a workflow to start from an item menu(in workflow settings)- is there a way to enable to Nintex form to start from the item menu of a sharepoint list? I have several different con...

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How to find the Document Set URL for the item to insert into a workflow

I built a state workflow for my document set to submit and track awards - using flexi tasks. The approvers can either reject, approve, or ask for more information. If more information is required, a n...

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Pause Until Date in the Past

We have a workflow that uses the Pause Until action + a date on the item form. Sometimes the date would be in the past. Is it normal for the workflow to stall in the Pause Until past date mode forever...

In Nintex for SharePoint
  • Posted by sverem
  • | January 11, 2019 10:40
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