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Form Field Validation won't allow save

Hello! I need a validation rule to make a text field (Describe Error Type) mandatory when a box (g. Other) is checked on a multi-select. Field...

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How to populate form fields with calculated values...

This should be dead easy, and likely solved 1000 times before, but I'm trying to get various user profile attributes to populate various form fields....

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Create Site workflow action broken if Site Owner i...

The Create Site action (SharePoint on-premise 2016) will work if permissions are inherited from the parent site, but I am unable to even save the wor...

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Create Site workflow - Configuration trouble!

Hello! I'm trying to create a workflow which uses a list item's information to create a subsite from an existing (and working) template. Howe...

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Easy Workflow - Setting a field value from an exis...

I need to set a text value based on another field for approximately 2000 documents in a library which all have folders on folders on folders. I don...

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List Nintex form is not enabled / published after ...

Hi, We have a requirement to create a subsite based on a site template automatically by using Nintex workflow. That site template contains a ...

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  • March 31, 2015  20:26
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