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Show link to all items of other List with same ID

Hi, I have the following Problem: List A is a List with open Purchases. List B is a List with the pending getting quotes. Purchase 1 ha...

  • By DBasusta
  • September 17, 2020  10:08
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Complete List depending on filters with Informatio...

Hi all! I have problem with autmotaically putting Info in a list. On the Parent Site I have a List as my "Database" with the columns "Role" -...

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My Workflow Tasks Webpart not return expected resu...

Hi all, the webpart works fine and I get all of my workflow tasks across all the sites. But only my personal tasks. I need to see the Tasks i h...

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Manage User rights in Workflow

Hi, I'm trying to create a workflow for approval of "Time off" requests. Actually it is already working. The Problem is, this is sensitive da...

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Differences in Cascading lookup function on englis...

Hi, I have an issue with the function of cascading lookups in Nintex forms. Our Main Homepage is set up as german language. Now i created a s...

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Multiline text box auto-resize in display/edit mod...

Multiline text box auto-resize in display/edit mode? Can I set up the multiple-line box to auto-resize in display or edit mode? I have enabled...

  • By swap
  • February 10, 2017  01:14
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'Workflows can use app permissions' in sha...

We are using Nintex workflows with sharepoint online and noticing that sometimes workflows do not complete. Upon investigating find that 'Workfl...

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My Workflow Tasks web part - assigned to group

Hello everyone, So recently I have discovered, that My Workflow Tasks Webpart from Nintex cannot rollup workflow tasks that were assigned to a S...

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  • February 10, 2016  02:58
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