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What is the difference between a customer journey map and a process map?

Customer journey maps and process maps are both useful tools to understand an organisation, however they view the organisation from different perspectives. A customer journey map takes a customer-cen...

In Nintex Promapp
  • Posted by NessL
  • | January 21, 2020 18:52
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Promapp for customer service calls

Has anyone used Promapp for their front office customer service calls?

In Nintex Promapp
  • Posted by NessL
  • | August 06, 2019 22:26
  • Views 2030
  • Replies 7

Participating In

Training and Onboarding Module

Anyone here using the Training and Onboarding module of Promapp? - What is the difference between Training Units and Competency Units? - For competency, is there a way to test a user on what they have...

In Nintex Promapp
  • Posted by Bilwa
  • | March 11, 2020 19:44
  • Views 791
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Has anyone used Promapp to build a Coronavirus response plan

My company is looking to build out our Coronavirus response plan to provide both information and capture the decsion process that will need to be made on various topics. Our goal is to have something ...

In Nintex Promapp
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Linking to other Process Groups within a Process

At times I need to have a link in a process to another process group. But I have not found that there is a way to do this. I can link individual processes either within a note or at an activity level...

In Nintex Promapp
  • Posted by FH_Rach
  • | November 28, 2019 14:53
  • Views 772
  • Replies 4

Automate linking people to roles

We have a large organisation with many staff changes, how can we automate the allocation of people to roles, or do this via a report upload on a regular basis to ensure roles are always current?

In Nintex Promapp
  • Posted by Michelle3
  • | November 25, 2019 22:37
  • Views 1058
  • Replies 4

Ideas/Techniques/Platforms you use to continuously engage your Process Experts

Hi all, I will give some context in how we use Promapp as this is important since every organisation deploys Promapp differently. Our approach with Promapp has been to build process mapping capabili...

In Nintex Promapp
  • Posted by Wesso
  • | November 17, 2019 16:54
  • Views 1267
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