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Show Integer Variable with Commas and Decimals

I have a form variable in Nintex Forms O365. The variable calculates the total in my repeating sections. How do I display this number as currency, wi...

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Sum total of value in repeating section

I just want to sum the total Accrual Amount for each repeating section at the bottom of the form. It should be so simple, right? I'm using Nintex For...

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Help with Easy Form Validation Rule to Require Fie...

Nintex 2013 Form Designer This should be so easy but for some reason I can't figure it out. Basically, I have a form that should require ...

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Two Check Boxes - Two Validation Rules - HELP!!!

I have a form with a repeating section with two check boxes. Each checkbox has it's own set of validation rules, however, these rules seem to conflic...

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Only One of Three Fields Required Validation Rule ...

I have a Nintex Form with a field for the user to select a "Product Group." Next to that field are 3 additional fields that are related to the "Produ...

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Nintex Forms - Autopopulate text field based on a ...

Hello guys, Could you someone help me with my current issue in Nintex Forms? I would like to auto populate a text field based on selected value...

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