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Retrieve task form url in NWC

I am assigning a task to a user with "Assign a task" action. I have a requirement to show this Task URL in a dashboard in SharePoint. How do I obtai...

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Unable to create NWC eXtension for AWS S3 API

Dear all, I am new to AWS. I am trying to connect to AWS S3 API using Nintex Xtensions. I have tried the following and require your help....

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Stopping Adobe E-Sign Alerts

Hello, We had a scenario where we sent 100 separate E-Sign requests to various stakeholders. We only wanted 51 to sign. In the Nintex for Offic...

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Infopath to nintex form migration

I am trying to migrate infopath 2010 forms to nintex 2103 forms on sharepoint 2010/2013. Are there any third party tool or any other way that i ...

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Create SharePoint group in Nintex for O365

We have a requirement to create some SharePoint groups in sites immediately after site creation and apply those to lists and libraries within the...

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Save the form without starting the workflow

Hi Guys, My forms are pretty big, I would like to provide an option to save the file if the user is not compleated or wanted to come back to ...

  • By rinu
  • March 11, 2017  21:20
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External user responding a Workfow Task and gettin...

Hi all, As per the subject, I have an Approval Task sent to an external user and he gets the email without problem. Then clicks the link to the...

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Create a task in a For each loop

We have a workflow which, in the first step, executes a query on another list. It will lookup a number in the column Parent and see which items ...

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  • May 11, 2015  05:33
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