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Nintex RPA: Customize Look of Document Templates on the Fly

The Problem I recently had a customer ask how they could theme document templates based on certain criteria in a workflow without having to maintain multiple templates. As you can probably imagine, ha...

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Nintex RPA: Working with a Date Picker

Introduction This is another question that I’ve run into more than few times over the years: “How do I interact with this date field? It won’t let me type anything, I can only pick the date from the p...

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Nintex RPA: Troubleshooting Login Issues

Introduction “I am trying to login to Nintex RPA but it isn’t letting me in! What do I do?” This is a question I’ve gotten a lot since the release of Nintex RPA Central - and honestly, it is a pretty ...

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Nintex RPA: Manipulating Rules to Make Dynamic Clicks

Intro Continuing from my previous blog post, found here, in this post I am going to outline how I took that list and used it within my botflow to click on each link one at a time. If you did not read ...

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Nintex RPA: Using Excel As Middleware to Extract Data

Credit where credit is due, this was inspired in part by Michael's post of similar nature using Nintex for Salesforce and Drawloop, find it here. Introduction Sometimes when creating a botflow in Nin...

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Converting Julian date to date with RPA

Hoping for some guidance in using RPA to convert a Julian date (yyyyddd) that is stored as text into a usable date format I can use later to compare against. I am using an API to retrieve data from ou...

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  • Posted by kbarton
  • | May 05, 2020 14:00
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User Management - Role

What are the "designer" and "administrator" roles when creating a new user on the User Management tab in RPA Central? Thanks.

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How to extract data from an XML file

I have a large xml file with various data i need to extract. Things such as ID Number, Account Number, Date, etc. I am only able to select the whole xml file to target instead of individual text strin...

In Nintex RPA
  • Posted by fshah
  • | February 24, 2020 06:45
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usage of "%, *, !, [], {}" etc. while comparing or displaying message in box action

Hello Team, I am trying to find documentation related to useage of"%, *, !, [], {}" etc. while comparing (partial match, begins with etc.) or displaying personalized message in box action. Or can yo...

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RPA Central Command Line Launch

With RPA Central (SQL stored botflows), will it still be possible to execute botflow from the command line (Task Scheduler etc.)? Example: start "Foxtrot" "C:\Program Files (x86)\Foxtrot Suite\Foxtro...

In Nintex RPA
  • Posted by Brandon
  • | January 28, 2020 12:07
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