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Nintex RPA - Introduction to Using Lists

Introduction Lists are a great tool to utilize while building out your botflows. They can help simplify complex logic, serve as a data source or as a quick lookup to help translate values. While we ha...

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Nintex RPA: Creating Randomized Data

Ever been in a situation where you need some randomized test data? “Test One” living at “123 Fake St” can only get you so far. Luckily, Nintex RPA can help you generate real-looking randomized data! T...

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Nintex RPA: Customize Look of Document Templates on the Fly

The Problem I recently had a customer ask how they could theme document templates based on certain criteria in a workflow without having to maintain multiple templates. As you can probably imagine, ha...

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Nintex RPA: Working with a Date Picker

Introduction This is another question that I’ve run into more than few times over the years: “How do I interact with this date field? It won’t let me type anything, I can only pick the date from the p...

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Nintex RPA: Troubleshooting Login Issues

Introduction “I am trying to login to Nintex RPA but it isn’t letting me in! What do I do?” This is a question I’ve gotten a lot since the release of Nintex RPA Central - and honestly, it is a pretty ...

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Exit workflow on error

Could someone help me in how I set up my workflow to exit if an error occur ? I can't find any examples or best pratice demos ! I have a flow who starts every hour and if it's fail because og missing ...

In Nintex RPA
  • Posted by romsoe
  • | August 05, 2020 03:50
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Date format

I have an Excel sheet where the date is stipulated as 4/12/20. I need to enter the date as 12/4/20 in SAP. Is there a way to convert the date into the 12/4/20 format?

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Moving down in a web table

Hi I am working on a web table. I have a column with 7 rows in it. I need to click the top entry to access it, make some changes to the record, and go back again to the table. I then need to select al...

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Web scraping table data/unordered list

I want to scrap the data from website (Table/Unordered List). But RPA doesn't recognise the table or list.

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  • Posted by nparekar
  • | June 30, 2020 08:49
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Open Workbook Error 13: Unable to cast COM object of type 'Microsoft.Office.Interop.E

Hi All, I am new to Nintex RPA and trying to create one bot which starts by openning a workbook. Once I try to run the script, the action "Open Workbook" give me the following error: "Error 13: Unabl...

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