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Nintex RPA: Manipulating Rules to Make Dynamic Clicks

Intro Continuing from my previous blog post, found here, in this post I am going to outline how I took that list and used it within my botflow to click on each link one at a time. If you did not read ...

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Nintex RPA: Using Excel As Middleware to Extract Data

Credit where credit is due, this was inspired in part by Michael's post of similar nature using Nintex for Salesforce and Drawloop, find it here. Introduction Sometimes when creating a botflow in Nin...

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Automating SAP with Nintex RPA

Introduction Not a lot of people know about Nintex RPA’s great interaction with SAP, so I thought I would create a blog about it and explain exactly how easy it is to get started. If you’re familiar w...

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Better Together: Nintex RPA & NWC – Workflow Waiting for a Botflow to Finish

Introduction & Background All the blogs in this series were inspired by an internal use case that I worked on a few months ago. The licensing software for Nintex RPA did not have any API for workf...

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Better Together: Nintex RPA & NWC – Starting a Botflow from a Workflow (with an Email

Intro & Links This blog post will continue a small series that I have planned, focusing on how Foxtrot RPA and Nintex Workflow Cloud are better together. The intention is to provide ways to integr...

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usage of "%, *, !, [], {}" etc. while comparing or displaying message in box action

Hello Team, I am trying to find documentation related to useage of"%, *, !, [], {}" etc. while comparing (partial match, begins with etc.) or displaying personalized message in box action. Or can yo...

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RPA Central Command Line Launch

With RPA Central (SQL stored botflows), will it still be possible to execute botflow from the command line (Task Scheduler etc.)? Example: start "Foxtrot" "C:\Program Files (x86)\Foxtrot Suite\Foxtro...

In Nintex RPA
  • Posted by Brandon
  • | January 28, 2020 12:07
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RPA Central Installation Error

Hello All, Today I tried to install the latest version of RPA with RPA Central. After running all installation steps ,while entering the license key.Below error is thrown ,any help will be appreciated...

In Nintex RPA
  • Posted by priyaes
  • | January 16, 2020 02:12
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The licenses at the specified License Path cannot be managed from this machine.

We currently have a trial license on the server that has expired. I need to remove that license and add our contracted license, but the subject message is preventing me from doing anything. Please po...

In Nintex RPA
  • Posted by bbollmann
  • | November 20, 2019 08:48
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Change Management for RPA (Foxtrot)

Has anyone found a good change management tool for RPA (Foxtrot)? This has always been a lacking issue when it was Enablesoft. There is nothing preventing scripts from being changed as long as the end...

In Nintex RPA
  • Posted by kbarton
  • | October 15, 2019 12:22
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