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Process Growth in Year One

An organisation is wanting to determine how their project rollout has went in year one. If you have experience on assessing your first year how did you do this? What suprised you and what went well? ...

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Workday and Promapp - any tips?

A client has asked me what functionality Workday has to include Promapp.Do you know if you can add links or iframes within Workday?

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hashtag system in 'assign roles' field

hi. when editing a process, shouldn't i be able to hashtag a system in the 'assign roles' field? relevant text from promapp help documentation: "To add a tag, click on theAssign a rolefield and type t...

In Nintex Promapp
  • Posted by benj729
  • | July 29, 2020 02:06
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Promapp terribly slow

Good afternoon Is anyone else having issues with Promapp going terribly slow? This started happening about 2 weeks ago and had been working fine up until then. It can take a minute or so sometimes to ...

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  • Posted by HMS
  • | July 15, 2020 19:03
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Promapp for customer service calls

Has anyone used Promapp for their front office customer service calls?

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  • Posted by NessL
  • | August 06, 2019 22:26
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Mapping out Legal Department Process

We are developing a Proof-Of-Concept Process Map using Promapp for law firms which provide Immigration law services.In starting a Process Map project from scratch, what are some best practice or refer...

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What is the best way to deal with staff who leave (maternity or otherwise)

What is the best way to transfer roles and process ownership when someone leaves the workplace (Maternity leave or otherwise)?

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