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Site workflow based on a item value

Hello I have a site workflow which sends an approval email and when approved it loops through a list and runs a list workflow which marks column A...

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Filter choice columns

Hello, I have few choice controls about 20 or more with Yes , No options . Based on a selection I want to filter these and display the appropriate...

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LDAP query based on initiator in a workflow

Hello , I am trying to retrieve samaccount name of the user based on the initiator value in a workflow. In the query LDAP control I have figure...

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name control as stored procedure parameters in For...

Hello , I have two controls on my form. #1. Choice control where I capture the value (using name) and pass it to #2. SQL Request control as a stor...

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Display SQL query output in Sharepoint

Hello, My goal is to capture the data from sql query out put (couple of columns) and display the out put in Sharepoint I am using the link below t...

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Nintex Workflow Cloud: Data Lookup Control

We know that form designers are always looking for ways to improve the experience of form participants. Form designers want to increase the likeliho...

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Show SQL Server table inside Nintex Form

Ever wondered how to display SQL table inside your Nintex Form? Indeed, there is the “SQL Request” action, but it only allows you to show data fr...

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