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How do I disabling required fields based on yes/no...

I am running into issues of required fields from hidden panels preventing the form submission . If the user chooses only New Account, the require...

  • By ahoror
  • July 26, 2018  14:26
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How to export Sharepoint list data to excel and up...

Hi Team, I am using sharepoint 2013. Is it possible to export Sharepoint list to excel. And i would like to update the same exported file (if ...

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Urgent: I have a multiple selection lookup in my l...

Urgent: I have a multiple selection lookup in my list. I need to update the status of all the selected lookup values back in source list from whe...

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Edit the name of a workflow

Its a really basic one! - how do you edit the name or rename a workflow? I have one that is not named correctly & i want to edit it. its a...

  • By pete
  • March 01, 2017  08:13
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Refreshing Pause Until Value if underlying field h...

I have a WF that pauses until the due date field and then sends out an email and updates the task status. Works great....except if a user decid...

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